What Do We Buy?



At Truval, we buy all kinds of jewelry that you’re willing to part with, as long as it contains Gold, Silver, and/or Diamonds. Here are some examples of the items that we usually buy:


Selling Gold?

You may not know what you have, but we do! Visit us today to find out what your gold jewelry is worth, and how you can turn it into cash today.


Gold items that we buy


Selling Silver?

Silver jewelry will typically be marked “Sterling” or “.925″. If you’re unsure if your items are sterling silver, simple give us a call and we can work to find out what your Sterling Silver is worth, and how you can go about selling it.  We deal with silver flatware, silver coins, silverware (tea sets, etc.), as well as many other items that contain silver.


what we buy silver


Selling Diamonds?

Unlike the traditional cash for gold store, our buyers are true diamond gemologists with real knowledge to make the most accurate appraisal possible of your precious diamonds. Find out what your diamonds is really worth by speaking to one of our diamond buyers today.


what we buy diamonds


Selling a Watch?

Your watch may be worth more than its weight in gold! Our watch buyers will determine your watches true market value and make you a competitive offer on the spot. Call or come in today for your watch appraisal.


what we buy watches