How To Sell Your Gold



Thank you for your interest in selling gold NYC. We are available to you 6 days a week in our office in Manhattan – where you can come in for a free consultation and receive all of the information you need about the entire selling process.

We understand that most people are not experts, but we take pride in ensuring that our customers have the most pleasant experience possible.

What you can expect when you sell gold NYC

    • We will be testing every item that you bring in for purity same day, right in front of you.
    • One of our expert buyers will be evaluating your gold, silver and/or other jewelry’s intrinsic value, not just value in gold. This is due to an items potential collectability or brand value
    • We will sort the gold in front of you according to its gold content, such as 18kt, 14kt, etc. All weighing done on a certified scale.
    • A government ID is required by all legitimate gold buyer, so be sure not to forget that – It’s the law.
    • Once a transaction is completed, you will receive a full receipt that shows amount paid, purity of the goods, as well as more details.

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